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Acoustic Guitars Review is happy to announce that we are officially launching a guest posting service for the Guitar / Music / Entertainment Niches. Now you have the ability to Write for Us / Contribute Articles to our site. Additionally we now offer a paid sponsored guest posting advertisement service in which we will publish content to our site including a link back to your website / product.

If interested in potentially contributing guitar / music themed content to our site or receiving a sponsored guest post with a link back to your chosen website url, please fill out the form below. For those interested our website is currently a DA: 45 site according to Moz.com domain authority metrics.


Tips for Writing a Good Guest Post

Writing a guest post can be beneficial for both you and the person you are writing for. They will get a great piece of work for their website, and you can get more exposure to your site, you can build your brand, and increase your number of subscribers. Your goal as a guest post should be to write a post that is unique and helps you stand out. To achieve these goals, there are a few tips that you should follow.

Guitar Music Guest Posting Service

Tip 1: Answer Questions
People are going to read your guest post to answer questions that they might have. When you can answer their questions, readers will want to see more of your work. If you aren’t sure what types of questions people are asking regarding your blog topic, you can look at the comment section of top blogs in your niche. This will give you a general idea of the questions that need to be answered and the information that should be included in your guest post.

Tip 2: Write a Controversial Post
Adding a bit of controversy to your guest post is a good idea. This will generate a debate between readers, which will attract more. Readers with different options will start to fill up the comment section.

Tip 3: Come Up With a Catchy Headline
Your headline will determine whether or not people read your guest post. If your headline is compelling, it will stand out. This will increase the chances of your blog going viral when readers share it on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

Tip 4: Share Your Article On Social Media
You don’t want to rely on readers to share your post on social media. While this would be great, you need to be proactive and share it yourself. When your post is shared on social media, it will increase the number of comments on the social media platform and the publisher’s blog. When you share your work, everyone wins.

Tip 5: The Length of the Article
The length of your guest post is essential. You should strive for an article that is 800 words or more. The content needs to be well researched. Avoid using filler words just to reach the 800-word mark. If you cannot come up with 800 words, don’t worry. Articles with fewer words will still get attention. You should strive for an article that is loaded with good points and will engage your reader. Interesting articles that are 800 words or more will get excellent search engine ranking.

Tip 6: Include an Attractive Image
A picture that is relevant to your blog post will attract readers. When readers are scrolling for blog posts to read, your relevant picture will give them a good idea of what your blog is about. This will lure them in. An attractive image will also get your post more attention on social media, which can make it go viral.

Tip 7: Include a Relevant Case Study
A relevant case study can prove your point and make your guest post more interesting. If you do include a case study, you should include the link to the study so that readers can read the study if they want to learn more.

Tip 8: Search Engine Optimization
Search engine optimization is essential in getting free traffic from the search engine. To write an SEO friendly article, using keywords is necessary. Adding numbers to the title is also a good idea. You don’t want to write the word, such as seven. You should use the number 7.

Tip 9: Proofread
Proofreading is essential. Before you submit your guest blog to the publisher, you need to check your work for spelling and grammatical errors. Make sure that your images are placed correctly and that your links work. If your post is going to be read and shared, proofreading is essential. It will also increase your chances of being asked to write another guest blog.

Tip 10: Encourage Readers to leave Comments
At the end of your guest blog, write a call-to-action for your readers to leave comments. If the comments left are questions, be sure to answer them in a timely fashion. You can also encourage readers to share the post on social media.

If you want to write a quality, share-worthy guest post, you should follow the tips for writing a good guest post above. If you check each one off your list, you should be able to create an informative post that will attract plenty of readers.