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Martin DRS2 Guitar Review 2019 – is the Martin DRS2 acoustic guitar worth the money? Review of features, pricing, design, sound and more.

Martin DRS2 Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar
  • Dreadnought 14 Fret Body with Solid Sitka Spruce Top, A-Frame "X-1" Bracing, and Solid Sapele Back &...
  • 25.4"-Scale Modified Low Oval Select Hardwood Neck w/ Black Richlite Fingerboard
  • Fishman Sonitone Electronics
  • White Corian Nut, Chrome Enclosed Tuners, and Black Richlite Modern Belly Bridge with White Tusq...
  • Includes Hardshell Case

When it comes to the Martin DRS2 guitar review, this famed company that’s been crafting fine guitars since 1833 is credited with perfecting a true acoustic-electric model in its DRS2. In fact, this guitar is also viewed as a “classic,” because is made with solid wood; while constructed with the characteristic Martin “Sapele” sides and back. Moreover, its “sustainable wood” is certified by Martin as all parts are the real-deal. There are also fans of this model that are left handed players; while praising Martin for producing a true “left-friendly” model.

Product features

While a typical guitar review details such things as specifications, the problem with this model is there are so many great features that it is often difficult to spotlight just one or even a few. “This is an awesome instrument,” and its specifications is why so many players enjoy this DRS2 model,” stated a Martin guitar fan on a social networking website.

The fan also shared product features that he likes including:

— A fine satin finish top, back and side with an impressive D-14 Fret body size.
— A classic scale length of 25.4″ with a 1 ¾” fingerboard width.
— Natural wood Sitka Spruce construction with a high performance taper.
— Modern belly drop in design with 20 frets.

In addition, this model features the classic Martin paper label; while fully protected with a classic hard shell carrying case.

Model data

This is a true classic C.F. Martin & Co., guitar that carries all its history with each instrument creation. This Martin DRS2 model is unique and considered a “classic” because of its unique playing style utilizing the best of an acoustic model with the power of also being an electric. This unique blending allows for “a really special tonal quality that really adds brightness and joy to any song being played on it,” said a fan of this DRS2 model commenting online. The fan also explained how this model has “rare warmth” that is usually found in older, well-played acoustic guitars. In fact, this model pays special tribute to classic Martin design made famous more than a century ago in guitar-playing America.

Pros and cons

There are so many “pros” for this model that’s it’s difficult to count, say Martin fans online. However, this is a somewhat pricy model because of all its many bells and whistles. The other “con” is the fact that its dovetail neck joint and forward shifted x brace construction does not allow one to abuse this instrument because it’s somewhat delicate in terms of needing proper protection when not in its case. With that said, it’s one of those Martin guitars that is usually handed-down to generation after generation because it is truly built to last a long, long time.

Comparing guitars

While some Martin fans say there is “no comparing a Martin,” there are fans of this series of acoustic and electric models who think the Martin 15, 16 or even “Road Series” are as good as this DRS2 model. However, there are others who played this and other types of guitars who think “this Martin is really the gold standard for acoustic electronics at its best.” This model is also complete with a really fine hand-rubbed top that gives it an overall look, design and finish that is second to none making the DRS2 Martin a beautiful thing to view and play.

This fine musical instrument is another in a long line of top-quality Martin guitars; while this DRS2 model is becoming increasingly popular with both younger and older more experienced players because there is a special tonal quality bond that exists between Martin owners that says, “This is a truly wonderful musical instrument that I want to play my best on.”

Martin quality continues

According to Martin’s website, this DRS2 model is already “legendary” because of the special functions of this guitar that mirrors using electricity with a truly classic acoustic guitar. For instance, this DRS2 model is reasonably priced when considering what it delivers musically. Thus, this is truly a great value for an acoustic-electric guitar of this design and top quality, say music fans sharing views about popular guitars online. They say this model is “easy-playing,” while not being too expensive. It is an affordable electric and acoustic model with a wonderful vibrant acoustic tone with powerful electronics.


There are many online testimonials about this Martin DRS2 calling it “a wonderful friend and instrument.” The idea that this guitar can become a “friend” speaks to its lovely look, feel and quality sound that delivers any sort of song or music as “delightful to the ear,” say those who recognize the Martin brand as best for acoustic guitars. At the same time, the “Martin Story” becomes part and parcel with any of the fine guitars purchased for top-notch musical playing enjoyment.

This is “one of America’s most famous guitar brands,” said a fan of this model online. The fan said it’s remarkable to own a guitar with such legendary longevity as this company; while also pointing to his DRS2 as “never letting me down” during gatherings of family and friends or even playing professionally in front of people. Meanwhile, the customer support for this and other Martin models is considered great from what owners share online.

DRS2 model offers great sound quality

At the end of the day, one purchases this Martin DRS2 model to play and enjoy true acoustic and electric guitar sounds played the way musicians and fans want it played. Martin makes the task those much easier; say fans of this guitar manufacturing company that’s been around for nearly 200 years delivering top quality musical instruments that people from all walks of life “value” as a top quality. This DRS2 model also delivers “great sound quality,” stated the owner of a traditional brick and mortar guitar shop.

Overall, there has never been a better time to purchase this Martin DRS2 model if you enjoy a true acoustic sound with the power of an electric guitar.

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