Jasmine S35 Guitar Review


Jasmine S35 Guitar Review 2019 – is the Jasmine S35 acoustic guitar worth the money? Review of features, pricing, design, sound and more.

Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar, Natural
  • Features a Spruce Top
  • Laminated Nato back & sides.
  • Satin Finish
  • Chrome covered Tuning Machines
  • Rosewood Fretboard
Jasmine 6 String S35 Acoustic Guitar Pack - S35-PAK
  • Perfect guitar for beginners!
  • S-35 is a great-looking dreadnought guitar with a big, bold sound and...
  • The full size dreadnought body shape offers a full and vibrant tone...
  • Guitar bundle includes quality brand accessories: a Matrix clip-on...
  • Bundle includes everything you need to start playing today!

If you’re looking for an acoustic guitar and have a limited budget, the Jasmine S35 guitar is a model you should seriously consider. The S35 is a good looking dreadnought guitar that comes with a bold, big sound and a range of features that should fit in with any guitarist who is looking for an easy-to-play and fairly well-built guitar. The smooth satin finish, excellent playability, and comfortable feel warrant discussing this guitar in some detail.


The S35 boasts of a warm, smooth tone that comprises well-balanced lows and highs. For an entry-level guitar, the S35 sounds anything but cheap. And the laminate with the premium satin finish lends even more quality to the guitar’s sound signature. Also, the natural satin finish is responsible for the S35’s optimized sound. Besides its balanced and rich tone, the S35’s volume is surprisingly high too. Entry-level guitars usually aren’t loud; but this guitar manages to stand out.

Design and Look

The Jasmine S35’s original design is courtesy a Japanese company called Takamine. The S35’s body style is of the dreadnought kind, which is designed and built keeping the user’s comfort in mind. As a result, holding and playing the guitar is easy, with the higher frets being more comfortable to access. The slim wood neck and spruce top are on point. And the satin finish makes the guitar a lot more presentable than it could have been. However, the finish is a tad on the darker side, and there is a matte feel to it too.

Body Hardware

The Jasmine S35 comes with a 25.5-inch long dreadnought body. The top is made of X-braced laminated spruce, and the back and sides have laminated nato. The neck is nato as well, which is capped with a smooth rosewood fretboard, basic pearloid dot inlays and 20 frets. The components the S35 incorporates make it a reliable guitar. The bottom is a rosewood bridge, which is paired with a nut and saddle made of synthetic bone. The headstock boasts of sealed tuners covered with chrome, which hold the tuning well.

Build Quality

Acoustic guitars sold for cheap are usually made in factory assembly lines. This means you can expect to see flaws in their builds. Therefore, inspect your S35 once you get it in hand, to confirm there are no flaws in the construction and zero assembly line errors have been transferred over to your purchase. One of the reasons why the makers have managed to sell this guitar for such a throwaway price is because they have used cost-efficient materials, such as synthetic saddle and bone nut.

The saddle positioning could be a bit on the higher side for some people. However, it’s a problem that could be easily and quickly resolved at a local guitar store. To make sure the guitar functions at optimum level, some amount of tuning up is recommended.

Playability and Versatility

You can play the S35 right away. The slim neck means even kids can play the guitar with minimal to no difficulties. It’s the guitar you would ideally carry as a backup choice when you do not want to pick up and strum your more expensive, professional guitar.

Value for Money

If a guitar has a solid wood top, it pretty much translates to rich sound. The Jasmine S35 top is made of solid wood. This is quite a surprise since guitars within its price range usually don’t come with a solid wood top. The advanced X bracing is another S35 element that is hard to find in guitars at this price level.

In case you didn’t know, X bracing is majorly responsible for a guitar’s great sound. The brace arrangement in the X pattern (close to the sound hole) indicates the S35 can churn out a more open sound. Moreover, it improves the detailing of the notes and minimizes the instrument’s heft. Non-braced guitars usually restrict vibration at the top, which may hamper sound quality.

Why Buy the S35?

The Jasmine S35 is perfect for people who have not handled a guitar before and would like to buy an inexpensive piece. The guitar is light on the pocket and also in weight, which also makes it ideal for travelling. However, it isn’t that light on features, and an intermediate guitar player would therefore also be inclined to know what the S35 offers.

If you’re a beginner, it just doesn’t make any sense to splurge on an acoustic guitar. At this stage, you probably aren’t sure whether you are completely into guitars are not. If you happen to lose interest in the instrument a few weeks or days after playing it, you would stand to lose more money if you had started with a more premium guitar. If the guitar was relatively inexpensive, the financial dent wouldn’t be that much.

Moreover, playing and mastering a guitar takes some time. If you start with an advanced or complex guitar right away, learning the instrument would become a lot difficult, which would only discourage you further. Therefore, till you reach a position where you can confidently call yourself a guitarist, it’s wise to spend less money on a guitar.


• Extremely affordable
• Light in the hand, and easy to play
• Great sound for the price
• Ideal first or practice guitar


• The strings could be a bit too light for some
• Not equipped with electronics
• The sound output would not appeal to professional players
• Loose low-end response
• Brand reach not as strong as Yamaha or Fender


As stressed throughout the length of this write-up, the Jasmine S35 is a sensible purchase if your budget for a guitar is limited and you want good quality performance too. The S35 would be your ideal first guitar and also something that complements your existing, more professional guitar. The ease of play and versatility make this guitar the best in its class. However, if you’re a professional who has had a fair share of experience with guitars of different types, the Jasmine S35 is something you shall skip.

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