Jasmine S34C Guitar Review


Jasmine S34C Guitar Review 2019 – is the Jasmine S34C acoustic guitar worth the money? Review of features, pricing, design, sound and more.

Jasmine S34C NEX Acoustic Guitar
  • Gloss Natural
  • Dreadnought body style
  • Laminate Spruce top
  • Sapele back and sides
  • Rosewood Fingerboard

Jasmine S34C is a sophisticated acoustic guitar with excellent sound quality. The body is designed in a grand orchestra style, and it comes with a gracefully designed Venetian style cutaway. This guitar is affordable and has spectacular value. It’s an excellent travel guitar due to its quality build. Jasmine S34C guitar is easy to play, and the sound is loud and clear. The select spruce top comes with Jasmine’s advanced X bracing, and the sides and back of the guitar are made from sapele.

Specific Product Features

Jasmine S34C is excellent for every player as it is comfortable and the strings are easily accessible. The slim neck promotes good grip, thus boosting playability. The smooth gloss finish gives this guitar a shiny look. With amplified resonance, Jasmine S34C produces excellent sound quality. The following are this guitar’s features;

• Synthetic bone nut and saddle
• Laminated spruce top
• Gloss natural
• Sapele back and sides
• Rosewood fingerboard
• Dreadnought body style

Model Information

Cost is an important aspect to consider when you want to purchase a guitar. Jasmine S34C gives you fantastic guitar feature at an affordable style. Because of its unique design and light body, you can use it as a travel guitar.

1. Sound

The quality of sound, whether powerful or smooth also matters. This dreadnought guitar produces its sound with openness and diffusion, allowing you to enjoy every note. The 12.5-inch scale shapes the sound so that it is warm and soft. The mahogany body sufficiently amplifies the sound produced so that you get clear highs and thick lows. The gloss finish maximizes the guitar resonance, and it also adds style to the guitar.

You can also tune your guitar to achieve the quality of sound you desire. The muddy mids can easily be corrected by an easy to use chrome tuner, allowing consistent play. You can also opt to take your guitar to a guitar specialist for a tuning session, after which you won’t have to readjust it for a long time.

The excellent roaring projection of this guitar and the abundance of volume makes it suitable for live performances as well as recordings. It has got a massive low-end response and well-defined trebles.

2. Hardware and Finish

Jasmine S34C has got a rosewood bridge fitting as well as synthetic compensated saddles. The die-cast tuners are in good working conditions, and they are easy to use. As a beginner guitarist, you can take it to a guitar shop for a proper setup. The external appearance of this guitar is smooth and appealing.

The excellent gloss finish adds style as well as functionality to this guitar. The finish serves both beautification and sound quality purposes. It gives the guitar a comfortable and natural feel. As you play, the gloss finish maximizes the guitar’s resonance for optimum sound quality.

3. Neck and Body

This guitar has a slender neck that might be a downside for people with big hands. However, the sound quality is not affected by this feature in any way. In any case, this slim neck promotes better grip. The neck is seamlessly attached to the rosewood fretboard to enable optimum playability.

The full body binding and uniqueness of this guitar makes it suitable for being a travel guitar. Jasmine S34C exhibits excellent craftsmanship as the body has been seamlessly built.
This jumbo sized guitar comes with cutaways that enable access to the full range of tones for superior sound quality. Because this guitar is light-weight and it has a slim neck, it offers perfect grip for comfortable play. You can play consistently for long hours while standing or sitting down without its weight weighing down on you.

4. Playability

Like most guitars in the market today, Jasmine S34C has a dreadnought body design. However, its neck is much slimmer, and its design incorporates the grand orchestra layout. It is much thinner at the waist, thus able to produce bell-like tones. This guitar is ideal for finger-picking due to this unique design. You can effectively play it using all the styles;

• Strumming
• Pounding
• Fingerpicking

The sound this guitar produces sufficiently complements vocalists, making it suitable for live performances. The strings and frets are easily accessible allowing you to hit different notes.

5. Cutaway and Spruce Top

Jasmine S34C’s cutaway has got a unique Venetian style. The single cutaway allows you to access higher frets so that you perfectly hit all tones. The body is made from durable African mahogany. The body is strong, and it will serve you for a long time.

An aggressive guitarist can play this professional acoustic guitar due to its quarter-sawed X bracings. The X bracing is slightly shifted forward so that it offers support for the upper part of the guitar. Incorporation of the X bracing makes it livelier, with open and clear sound.

Listing of PROs and CONs


• Great audio at an affordable price
• The consistent tone improves with time
• Beginner friendly
• Requires minimum tuning
• Comfortable feel as you play


• Low-quality tuning pegs
• The slim neck does not favor people with big hands

How it Compares to Other Acoustic Guitar Models

When you compare Jasmine S34C to Jasmine S35, you realize that they have very few similarities. Both of them have chrome hardware and pearloid dot inlays. Even though S35 is cheaper than S34C, Jasmine S34C has better sound quality.

Another notable difference is that Jasmine S34C has gloss finish while Jasmine S35 has a satin finish. Gloss finishes tend to be shinier and more durable as compared to satin finishes. While Jasmine S34C has a grand orchestra body, Jasmine S35 has a dreadnought body design.

What People Say

Jasmine S34C is an excellent quality guitar that works perfectly as a travel guitar. The high-quality sound it produces and its ease of play give you value for your money. With this guitar, you can effectively play any acoustic style. Jasmine S34C is beginner friendly, and you can use it to practice and learn how to play.


Jasmine S34C is a budget guitar that packs all features you’d need in a professional guitar. It produces quality sound and is easy to play. It has a unique grand orchestra body style and is built with durable material.

Jasmine S34C Guitar
Acoustic Guitar
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on September 21, 2018
Based upon feedback submitted by over 700 customers the Jasmine S34C Guitar has received a 4.5 out of 5 star rating. We discuss why in this review article.


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