Fender CD100CE Guitar Review


Fender CD100CE Guitar Review 2019 – is the Fender CD100CE acoustic guitar worth the money? Review of features, pricing, design, sound and more.

Fender CD-100CE Dreadnought Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar - Natural
  • Laminated Spruce Top, Laminated Mahogany back and sides
  • Scalloped X-Bracing
  • Fishman Isys III System with Active On-Board Pre-Amp and Tuner
  • Rosewood Bridge with Compensated Saddle and chrome die cast tuning keys
  • Additional Features: Dual Action Truss Rod, Crushed Acrylic Rosette, Black Pickguard, Rosewood...

Fender CD100CE embodies a guitar that has an excellent tonal quality that is warm and loud. You get to play faint tones with the assurance that the volume will do it justice. The electronics do an excellent job of reproducing the acoustics, and you hardly need to make any adjustments once you are done with setting it up. The perfect acoustic tones and soft action of Fender CD100CE guitar make it a reliable guitar. This beautiful instrument is suitable for both beginner guitarists as well as experts. You also get a left-handed version that plays just as good as the right-handed version.

Features of Fender CD100CE Guitar

This Fender CD100CE Guitar Review will look at all the superior features of this guitar that make it a worthy investment. A reliable music instrument should be of excellent quality and unmatched playability. This acoustic guitar has built-in pickups and fine tuners that make it an excellent choice. The spruce wood top, as well as mahogany sides, are all laminated resulting to a solid guitar with balanced tones. Some of the features that will be discussed for the

Fender CD100CE Guitar Review include;

• Fender CE-301 active electronics
• Mid-sweep
• Solid spruce top
• Mahogany back and sides
• Neto’s neck
• Rosewood fretboard and bridge

This beautiful instrument is of excellent quality, and it gives the player a natural feel. It is a complete package that hardly needs an upgrade. The scalloped x-bracing, as well as the rosewood bridge, make this guitar a high-end music instruments. Some of the unique features the Fender CD100CE Guitar has included;

• Dual action truss rod
• Black pickguard
• 3mm dot position inlays
• Crushed acrylic rosette
• Vencer and satin finish on rosewood headstock

You can play all music all genres with this guitar. It is an excellent choice for someone who enjoys playing more than one type of music. The Fender CD100CE Guitar is appreciated by professionals and beginners alike. The loud tone and natural feel encourage you to play it for hours on end. It is a popular choice due to its seamless craft and excellent functionality. This guitar boasts of unequalled sound quality and soft action. Make a worthy investment with this budget-friendly guitar and begin your journey of enjoying music with this high-end music instrument.

Neto Neck and Fretboard

Neto’s necks are characteristic of high-end guitars. This Fender CD100CE Guitar has got a satin finish that adds a natural feel to its body. The smooth texture makes this instrument pleasurable and comfortable to hold. Additionally, the satin finish boosts this guitar’s durability and reduce wear and tear. At the same time, Fender CD100CE Guitar has a scalloped x bracing, enough volume as well as excellent tone response.

You will enjoy strumming this beauty whether you are a beginner guitarist or an expert. This is a masterpiece worth its salt, and even though its fretboard is not the Fender standard size, the sound of the guitar is not affected in any way. The acrylic rosette, as well as the black pickguard, add to this guitar’s value.

Comfortability and style have been seamlessly incorporated to result into a thing of beauty that doesn’t disappoint. The dura-tone coating is a custom-made element associated with Fender products.

Complete Package

Fender CD100CE Guitar is associated with loud and smooth sound. The dreadnought shaped body adds to this instrument’s beauty. With this instrument, you get value for your money because it offers many superior features at an affordable price. You need no upgrade when you purchase the Fender CD100CE Guitar. It could be considered a work of art due to the seamless and impressive craft. With this guitar, you do not need for;

• Saddle replacements
• Frequent sound adjustments
• Constant tuning

Many people are satisfied with this product because it encompasses everything that you would desire in an acoustic guitar. The electronics do an amazing job of reproducing the acoustic, making it perfect for live performances. You can play this guitar for hours on end without having to tune it after every few hours.

As a beginner, you will hardly need any adjustments. It gives you an easy time while learning and as you get used to it, you appreciate its active on-board Pre-Amp. The straps are a thoughtful addition that keeps this instrument in place as you play. It is convenient for live performances because there is a lot of movement and activity involved. You won’t have to re-adjust it because it will be comfortably placed.

The fantastic neck profile of this guitar ensures that you don’t experience pull-offs even as a beginner guitarist. The guitar comes pre-set at the medium/low action, making the learning process more accessible for beginners. However, it is adjustable, and experts enjoy the control they have over the guitar. The guitar comes with an excellent tonal package that incorporates clear trebles and powerful bass. Different music genres can easily be played with this guitar due to the different sound ranges it can hit. Fender CD100CE Guitar is an excellent pick as its fabrication has incorporated both functionality and style.

Listing of PROs and CONs


• Excellent sound quality
• Bass and treble controls
• Made from good quality material


• Wood lamination eliminates low-end bass
• Stand-alone guitar with no accessories

What People Say

Many beginners attest that it easy to learn with Fender CD100CE Guitar. This amazing electric guitar produces a beautiful sound, and it enables you to play faint notes. Due to sufficient volume, playing faint notes has been made easier even for live performances. The built-in tuner feature allows you to make adjustments whenever necessary. This guitar is lightweight. Hence it does now weigh down on you when you have to play for hours while standing. Many music lovers appreciate its capacity and capabilities.


This Fender CD100CE Guitar Review has shown that this guitar has got excellent sound quality. You do not need an upgrade when you purchase this beautiful guitar. Music lovers will appreciate the tonal richness that Fender CD100CE Guitar exhibits. Besides, it suits both beginners and experts due to its soft action.

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