Epiphone DR-100 Guitar Review


Epiphone DR-100 Guitar Review 2019 – is the Epiphone DR-100 acoustic guitar worth the money? Review of features, pricing, design, sound and more.

Epiphone DR-100 Acoustic Guitar, Vintage Sunburst
  • The fingerboard of the DR-100 is constructed from rosewood
  • It has a select spruce top
  • It features a 14-degree headstock that gives you more pressure at the nut
  • Finishes available in ebony, natural and vintage sunburst
  • Mahogany body

Playing the guitar is a fun way to while away time and to connect to one’s inner self. For beginners, the acoustics are ideal for practicing. When choosing between acoustics, there are two main factors you should look out for: wood choice and build quality. Different woods produce different tones. Furthermore, a good quality guitar is durable and more consistent regarding sound. It also requires less upkeep. One of the ideal acoustic guitars for beginners and also for seasoned guitarists is the Epiphone DR-100 Acoustic Guitar. Here is a look at the features, pros and cons, and reviews of this acoustic guitar.

Product Features

1. Woods and Construction

The Epiphone DR-100 Guitar is built with mahogany in the neck and body. The topmost layer is made of select spruce, which some people complain about because of its tendency to turn flat. The body’s sound projection is above average. The fingerboard is built with rosewood making it easy to tune.

2. Strings

It can be frustrating to practice with a guitar that continually goes out of tune. The quality die-cast tuners that come with the DR-100 ensure that it never goes out of tune. It has a string gauge that is light. The bent headstock also keeps the guitar in tune. The tone sounds good with steel or nylon strings depending on the style you prefer.

3. Sound

The tone of the guitar is warm because of the mahogany. The sound can be compared to that of an intermediate guitar. It can be strummed to bring thick lows and complex highs together.

4. Comfort Level

The Epiphone DR-100 Guitar has no dead spots on its fretboard. This means you will not experience any buzzes while you are strumming. The guitar also has a perfect length which makes it easier to chord. While you will not get a smooth and silky feel, the guitar becomes comfortable as you get used to it.

5. Value

When you look at or test the DR-100, you won’t think of it as a cheap guitar. It sounds like a $400 acoustic. It is a good beginner-friendly guitar because it can go for a long period without requiring an upgrade or replacement thus lowering the cost of learning to play. It can go up to two years without losing its projection or sound.

Model Information
• Top: Spruce
• Fretboard: Rosewood
• Sides: Mahogany
• Finish: Gloss
• Construction: Laminated
• Color: Natural
• Cutaway: No
• Strings: 6
• Chrome hardware with a scale of 25.5.”
• Nut width: 1.68.”

PROs and CONs Listing

• Has an ambidextrous design which means a right-handed or left-handed person can play it.
• The solid spruce at the top gives it a clear sound
• The guitar is good for travelling and is the best-suited option for backup guitarists and kids because of its sturdiness
• Durable material which can tolerate a few dings. It takes a while before you can upgrade or replace any of its components.
• When strummed, it has no buzz or dead spots
• Versatile for different kinds of guitar genres and styles
• Affordable but its value is more than its price

• Sharp frets can be challenging to beginners who haven’t developed callouses
• Tuning machines wear out fast and may require replacement in a shorter time compared to other guitars
• It requires to be tuned frequently to maintain the quality of its sound

How Does the DR-100 Compare to Other Guitars

a) Yamaha Gigmaker Versus Epiphone DR-100 Guitar

Yamaha’s acoustic guitar, the Gigmaker, goes for $170, a pretty penny considering the DR-100’s price tag. This guitar comes with a strap, tuner, gig bag, pick, and steel strings. It also has a DVD that has beginner guitar lessons. The body of the guitar is made of spruce and meranti. What makes this guitar stand out from the DR-100 is the DVD. If you have a trainer, then the DVD is not useful. The Gigmaker is a good option for beginners.

b) Fender FA-100 Versus Epiphone DR-100 Guitar

The FA-100 is similar to the DR-100, but it is more costly going for around $150 compared to the DR-100’s $120. It has a gig bag; strap, pick, and tuner which makes it appear more attractive than the DR-100. The body shape is a bit longer, and the wood is not as good as mahogany: basswood and agathis. The basic distinction between the two models is the body shape, the additional parts, and the price.

c) Jasmine S35 Versus Epiphone DR-100 Guitar

The Jasmine S35 is cheaper than the DR-100. Its body is made of agathis and nato, which are inferior to the DR-100’s mahogany. The body shape is made of a dreadnought. The fingerboard is rosewood, and the uppermost part is made of spruce just like the DR-100. The S35 has no frills, and its sound is not as good as DR 100’s sound. However, it is a cheaper and solid option.

What Other Have To Say About the Epiphone DR-100 Guitar

Users gave it a thumbs up with many saying that the Guitar is great and comes with a good tune. The DR-100 has a wonderful sound, and it is suitable for beginners. Also, the DR-100 is an awesome, and affordable guitar. The guitar is good for training and practicing more so for beginners.

Moreover, when you buy some earthwood medium light strings, it makes the guitar sound like a $400 instrument. Its build quality is great and has not deteriorated after a few months use. The design is awesome, with wooden construction and beautiful sound, it’s definitely worth the price of $120. Additionally, its designed to be played by a right or left handed person.


The guitar market is very competitive with many guitar manufacturers producing cheap instruments to meet the high demand for acoustics. The Epiphone DR-100 Guitar is distinguished for its warm and appealing tone. It’s wood selection, and prestigious design are some of its features. The price of the DR-100 is also customer-friendly making it the perfect match for both beginners and leisure guitarists. The DR-100 speaks for itself through its features and price, and it is a no-brainer that this guitar will impress both newbies and seasoned guitarists.

Epiphone DR-100 Guitar
Acoustic Guitar
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on 2018-10-29
Based upon feedback submitted by over 700 customers the Epiphone DR-100 Guitar has received an average 4.4 out of 5 star rating. We discuss why in this review article.


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