Riptide Guitar Chords


Riptide Guitar Chords – learn how to play the riptide song on the guitar. Step by step instructions, chords and tabs are included in this tutorial.

Whether you are new to learning how to play the guitar or you have been searching for a new song to learn, you may have come across the song Riptide by Vance Joy. It is quite popular and is all over YouTube with performers covering the song.

If you plan to do the same, you probably want to play the song with your guitar. As much as possible, you want to make it sound like the original. The good news is that the Riptide guitar chords are not as complicated as you may think.

Some Tips for Playing the Riptide Guitar Chords

When you play Riptide or any song, your goal is to sound like the recording. You may wish to change it up a little bit but the mission stays the same. Whenever people hear you strumming, they should immediately recognize the song you are playing.

The Riptide guitar chords are quite basic and simple. Therefore, it is a good song choice even for beginners. The verse and the chorus have the same chords. You only have to repeat them over and over. You can already tell that it is an easy tune to go with.

There are a few variations when it comes to the capo. You can opt to put the capo on the ninth fret or the first fret. Keep in mind that capo on the first fret is at the Am key. Capo on the ninth fret will make the song a bit different but it still works excellently. Some players opt to put the capo on the sixth fret with the key Bbm for a slightly unique version.

There is a bit of fingerpicking after the chorus before the bridge. For some new learners, it may be a bit tricky. However, it is quick and can be learned almost right away — even for those with minimal experience.

Still, you can always benefit from a bit of guidance. Make sure you watch out for the strumming patterns. Also, the F barre chord is an option for the bridge part of the song. If you are not keen on playing the barre chord, you can choose a simpler method.

The Correct Riptide Guitar Chords

The Riptide guitar chords do not need any special tuning. Keep it to standard and place the capo on the first fret. You can, of course, choose whichever works for you. However, the best way to play this song just like Vance Joy’s version is with the first fret capo.

This song mainly uses three easy chords, which are:


Riptide is played using the chords above all throughout the whole song. The exception is in the bridge section, which uses the F chord. After that, you will go back to the same three chords as above.

Aside from the easy chords, the song also has a simple strum pattern. Focus on keeping it this way:


Remember that the first downstroke sets the tone for the bass note of the Am chord.

To recap, you only have to follow this set of chords as you play the song: Am, C, G, and F. For the intro, strum the following chords using the strum pattern listed above:


As you enter the first verse, you will only have to maintain the same note with the same chords. The lyrics of the first verse start with “I was afraid of pretty girls and starting conversations.” The Am chord begins right in the first word. Change to G for “of pretty girls” and move forward to C for the words “and starting conversations.”

The second line goes, “Oh, all my friends are turning green.” Change back to the Am chord at the start of this line. “Friends” has the G chord while “turning green” is in the C chord. The remaining line uses the same set of chords. As you progress, you will immediately notice the pattern, which will remain even as you reach the Pre-chorus and the Chorus itself.

The Pre-chorus or the Chorus lead-in has the same chords but is a little faster. You will have to change from Am to G to C in just a few beats. The chorus, as mentioned, also uses these chords. However, there is a slight difference and it goes like this:

Start with (Am) when singing “Lady” then switch to G after “running down to” and finally change to C for “the riptide”
Start with the C chord with “Taken away to” and switch to Am with “the dark”
The next line starts with G and switch to C for “your left-hand man”
Begin “I love you” with the Am chord and switch to G for “when you’re singing” and C for “that song and”
Go back to C and then Am for “my throat ’cause”
Finish the final line of the chorus with G and C chords

Proceeding to the second verse, simply repeat the strumming pattern from the first verse. The chorus lead-in or the pre-chorus, as well as the chorus, will also be played the same as the first time.

The bridge is still similar but with a little modification:

Begin with Am for “I just wanna, I just” then move on to G for “wanna know”
Next chord is C for “If you’re gonna, if you’re” and F for “gonna stay”
Repeat the chords Am and G for the next line
For the final line, strum C then F

The pre-chorus has a lyric change but the chords remain:

Start with Am then G and finally C
Repeat the same pattern for the second line

You will then have to repeat the chorus with the same chords three times. As you may have noticed from the bridge, you will have to add the F chord. If you find this chord difficult, you can switch to Fmaj7. End the song by strumming once and let it fade out.

About the Artist and the Song

Vance Joy performed the song Riptide. The artist is from Australia and is also a composer. The song was from his first album entitled God Loves You When You’re Dancing. It was released in 2013 and was the second song from the mentioned EP. His first studio album also featured the song, which was released a year after.

Joy wrote this indie folk song, which was described as a teenage love story. Among the things that made it popular were its pop culture references, such as with mentioning actress Michelle Pfeiffer. It is also known for its metaphors.

The song is indeed a favorite with numerous positive reviews, even from movie critics. They praised Vance Joy’s vocals and how the lyrics were put together. Its production also received compliments from avid music fans. Because of this song, Joy was compared to other singer-songwriters, such as Jeff Buckley.

Riptide enjoyed great success commercially. It placed in many music charts, including the ARIA singles chart where it peaked at number six. It took the number one spot at the Hottest 100 of 2013 in Triple J, which is an Australian radio station.

In other parts of the world, Riptide entered the UK charts at number 10. It also hit the top spot at the Alternative Songs chart of Billboard. The song became the second longest single to stay in the Billboard Hot 100 in the US as it was on the list for more than 40 weeks.



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