Jamplay Review 2019

We are living in a digital world, and as such, most things we do involve the Internet. From shopping to banking, the options for getting what you need without actually having to leave the comfort of your home are only increasing. For those wanting to learn to play an instrument, there are even options for taking online courses to accomplish just that. When it comes to learning to play the ever-popular guitar, online companies like Jamplay have made a business out of teaching individuals of all skill levels everything and anything they want to learn involving guitar playing. Jamplay is a premium online guitar lessons site that will guide and challenge members throughout their journey of progression. This Jamplay review will tell you know everything you need to know about the company, its features, and how best to benefit from what they are offering.

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Jamplay Features Overview

Jamplay has something to offer everyone. Regardless of your skill level, whether you are at the beginner, intermediate, or advanced level, Jamplay's goal is for your playing to progress. The instructors consistently record, edit, and publish approximately 11 hours of original guitar-playing lessons every month. There is a consistent and vast amount of material at your fingertips that will target your playing progression and keep you interested and moving forward.

While there are other online guitar-instruction sites to choose from, Jamplay's consistency with adding new lessons virtually every day are unmatched. You would be hardpressed to find a company that is as thorough and devoted to teaching individuals of all skill levels how to progress their playing ability and style. A Jamplay membership means unrestricted access to almost 6,000 different guitar lessons and a staggering variety of over 400 course options. They have more than 80 experienced instructors to choose from so that every genre and style of music is covered.

Jamplay Lesson Types: Beginner to Advanced

Every Jamplay lesson has studio-quality audio, is digitally recorded, and mastered in high definition. Anyone who has tried to glean insight from a poorly shot or produced YouTube video knows the importance of audio and video quality. Each online lesson is professionally filmed in studios located in Greeley, Colorado and Kent, Ohio. Every lesson comes with the option of streaming it in five different qualities. There is also the additional option of streaming the lessons to a mobile device. Online guitar lessons have never been so user-friendly and of such high quality.

Jamplay Lessons for Beginners

Jamplay’s lessons are fully customizable as every skill level, music style, and genre is covered. For someone just setting out on their guitar-playing journey, Jamplay has got you covered. The beginner lessons help players build a solid foundation upon which to build. No one benefits from acquiring bad playing habits early on, and Jamplay has almost 20 instructors for beginners to choose from to make sure that doesn’t happen.

The beginner classes teach the fundamental basics of guitar playing. If you have never picked up a guitar before, lesson curriculum will cover fret and hand posture, an intro to chords and scales, how to care for your guitar, physical properties of the guitar, playing posture, strumming technique, how to hold a pick, and rhythm. Jamplay’s beginner lessons are ideal for beginners of all levels; from those who have never picked up a guitar to those who are self-taught, the Jamplay instructors can help you reach your guitar-playing aspirations.

For those who are self taught, the Jamplay instructors will focus on filling in any gaps that are evident in your playing and correcting any bad habits holding you back from becoming a well-rounded guitar player. Lesson plans will include chords, reading tab and sheet music, time signatures, establishing a consistent practice routine, and assembling progressions.

Jamplay Instructors

All of the Jamplay instructors have an enormous amount of playing and teaching experience. All you need to do is scroll through the instructor lists with pictures, credentials, and introductions, and decide who is the best for you. There are two main beginner instructor sections to choose from: acoustic and electric. There are also additional specialty lessons to choose from: Style, Skill, Songs, Artist Series, Live Lessons, and Bass Lessons. Most of the instructors offer a free lesson so you can try them out before committing.

Style Lesson

A click of the ‘Style’ lesson option presents a thorough list and description of a plethora of musical styles: Blues, Fingerstyle, Metal, Bluegrass, Rock, Celtic, Classical, Country, 
Jazz, Surf, Funk, Flamenco, Folk, R&B and Soul, Reggae, Brazilian, Gospel, Rock, and Acoustic Rock. The style options cover all the best-loved and known guitar-playing styles so at Jamplay, there is something for everyone.

Learn a Skill Lesson

The ‘Learn a Skill’ lesson option is aimed at honing your playing and perfecting a variety of techniques. This lesson plan is ideal for those who are focused on building their skill levels. The skill lesson categories include Lead Concepts and Techniques, Speed and Technique, Helpers and Tips, Reading Music and Rhythms, Singing with Guitar, Theory and Improvisation, 12 String, Rhythm Training, Ear Training, Studio Skills and Engineering, and Instrument Care and Maintenance.

Learn Songs Lesson

The ‘Learn Songs’ lesson is ideal for those who have reached a certain skill level and now want to enjoy being able to play their favorite songs. These lessons are aimed at those who have progressed beyond the beginner lessons and have some intermediate skills. If you’re tired of scrolling through low-quality YouTube videos in an effort to learn your favorite guitar songs, the Jamplay lessons are for you; including high quality recording and filming, they feature interactive tabs, full instructional information, and, of course, song demonstration. As often as possible, our songs are taught by the original composer or band member for the ultimate song-learning experience that few other guitar lesson sites can offer.

The ‘Learn Songs’ section has a full list of all the song options divided into genres for user-friendly searching, as well as the option to view some free guitar lessons for songs so you can see what a Jamplay membership gets you before signing up and committing.

Artist Series Lesson

The ‘Artist Series’ lessons are also referred to as ‘Master Class Guitar Lessons’. These lessons are taught by progressive guitarists from every musical style and genre. These lessons focus on the particular style of the artist chosen. These lessons give students a one-of-a-kind learning experience as the Artist Series are most often taught by the artists themselves, or one of the Jamplay instructors most schooled in the artist’s style. Some artist examples are Steve Stevens of Billy Idol, Joel Kosche of Collective Soul, and Tosin Abasi of Animals as Leaders. These lessons are easily searched by ‘Artist’ or ‘In the Style Of’.

Live Lessons

The ‘Live Lessons’ are live guitar courses with daily Q&A sessions. The live lessons are offered in two formats: live weekly workshops and Q&A sessions. The workshop format features task-based curriculum about a certain guitar topic, like playing over chords. The live Q&A sessions are offered for up to eight hours a day and are a perk of Jamplay membership. Those learning can get professional help, virtually any time.

Bass Lessons

The Bass Lessons option offers first-class bass-playing instruction, along with tips and resources. Jamplay’s bass lessons feature live streaming in HD for premium quality. The audio and video quality of Jamplay’s guitar lessons have transferred well to their bass lessons and made them an industry leader at both instrument levels. The instructional videos are shot at five different angles for optimal learning, and some of the professional Jamplay bass-playing instructors include Billy Sheehan of Mr. Big and David Ellefson of Megadeth. The addition of bass lessons is a relatively new development for Jamplay, so their instructor list will only grow and become more impressive as they expand.

Jamplay Membership Perks

When it comes to the membership perks of joining Jamplay, the list is extensive. From every style, skill, and song option to choose from and a wealth of instructors with years of teaching and playing experience, as well as benefiting from the knowledge of well-known artists, Jamplay has more to promise their members.

Audio and Video Quality

Anyone can shoot a guitar lesson and post it on YouTube, but what those kind of instructors can’t offer is the video and audio quality of Jamplay’s studio recording, production, and mastering in high definition. Jamplay’s lessons are produced and filmed with 4k cameras that stream to members in 1080p quality.

Jamplay Mobile Apps

Jamplay offers apps compatible with Android, IOS, Chromecast devices and more. The apps are free with membership and offer you the option of watching lessons on the fly. Unlimited access to the lessons is a huge perk through the free and user-friendly Jamplay mobile apps.

Jamplay Progress Reports

Jamplay wants the learning power to be in the hands of their members. Exclusive to Jamplay, the ‘progress reports’ feature allows you to update and create your own reports to document and gauge your playing progression.

Jamplay vs the Competition

As mentioned before, Jamplay is not the only site offering online guitar lessons, so let’s take a look at how they measure up against the competition.

Jamplay vs Guitar Tricks

Guitar Tricks is one of the pioneers when it comes to online guitar lessons. While they are older than Jamplay, Jamplay’s efforts to surpass their predecessors won out in the category of audio and video quality. The Jamplay creators knew where they had to make their mark to surpass the competition, and that is just what they did. While Guitar Tricks offers many of the same services, features, and benefits of Jamplay, they are behind when it comes to audio and video quality.

Jamplay vs TrueFire

While TrueFire is the oldest online guitar lesson site with a huge archive of lessons, Jamplay still has as much, if not more, to offer its members. While both have large numbers of online instructors to offer, Jamplay’s Live and Q&A sessions make the accessibility to instant guidance more consistent than TrueFire’s. Jamplay is also thought to be more technologically-advanced than TrueFire through its the use of its own state-of-the-art studios.

Jamplay vs Justin Guitar

Both Jamplay and Justin Guitar are considered excellent sources for beginners wanting to nurture their love of the instrument. Justin Guitar offers their initial lessons for free, but there is only so far you will be able to progress before you have to reach for that credit card. Both have a wealth of different lesson plans and can teach a wide variety of playing and musical styles. The perks of Jamplay membership make it worth it as the membership fee gives you unlimited access to professional guidance, Q&A sessions, user-friendly apps, and a vast array of high-quality audio and video instructional lessons.

Jamplay vs Jamorama

Listing of Jamplay PROs and Cons

Jamplay Pros

• Unlimited access to experienced instructors
• Chance to learn from professional musicians
• Option of learning in any style or musical genre
• Free user-friendly apps
• Premium-quality video and audio
• Lessons recorded and produced in their own studio
• High definition recordings
• Instructional videos shot at five different angles
• Bass lessons
• Lessons targeted for all skill levels
• Cheap monthly rates at $19.99 a month

Jamplay Cons

• Not free like YouTube videos
• More ideal for intermediate and advanced players
• One of the newer online guitar lesson sites

Final Verdict

When it comes to deciding where to invest your time and money when it comes to online guitar lessons, Jamplay is by far the best option around. With a 5/5 rating, the courses are designed to foster consistency and progress. The free Jamplay apps mean there are no excuses for missing daily or weekly lessons. The courses are designed for every skill level to progress, and if the courses and the progress report features are used as frequently as are recommended to each individual by their instructor, members will enjoy experiencing and tracking their own progress. Jamplay also has the added perk of a close-knit community of members that can share their tips, experiences, and knowledge in a number of forums.

While Jamplay is by no means the first site to offer online guitar lessons, what they may lack in age, they make up for in technology. Where they have surpassed most of their competition is in their studio recording, production, and mastering in high definition audio and videos. Gone are the yesterdays of fuzzy YouTube instructional videos teaching guitar; say hello to the future of online guitar lessons with Jamplay leading the charge.