Jamplay vs JustinGuitar

If you are a beginner in guitar playing, you will discover some lessons that you can try, and this is where you will find this Jamplay vs JustinGuitar comparison useful. One is free while the other requires a monthly or yearly subscription.

Jamplay vs JustinGuitar

Which Lesson is Free?

Beginners will mostly be drawn to trying free lessons, which JustinGuitar provides. However, is it really free? While you can access the website without paying anything, it does ask for a donation. Then again, most of the learners probably do not shell out money, especially those who are just trying out the lessons.

JustinGuitar though offers many other products, such as books and DVDs. If you are serious about learning how to play guitar, you will want to purchase these items, so you can be better at playing.

Technically, the website is indeed free to use, and you can benefit from the lessons available. However, if you want to be better, you will need the DVDs and books from JustinGuitar. Your purchases can quickly add up, which could lead you to spend more money in the end.

What about Jamplay?

JustinGuitar’s website promotes Jamplay, which means the latter is truly valuable. Jamplay may not offer free access like JustinGuitar, but it does provide a free trial. You can test the lessons to determine whether or not you like them.

You have seven full days to test everything, which is excellent, especially if you are a beginner. Jamplay has a beginner section, which it has updated and reorganized last year.

Jamplay vs JustinGuitar Lessons

Jamplay has more than 5,500 video lessons in HD. Over 80 pros work with Jamplay to produce the lessons, and this number keeps growing. If you are a beginner, you will find lessons that are suitable for you. Intermediate and advanced players also have their sections, meaning the lessons are for everyone who wants to learn how to play guitar.

On the other hand, JustinGuitar also has plenty of content. With the free lessons, many people have benefited from them. Beginners will especially learn from the free content because they can access the ones that are right there on the site immediately. The site has one experienced teacher, and it also provides a community feeling because of the interaction with other learners.

Jamplay vs JustinGuitar: Looks, Instructors, and Other Details

Both JustinGuitar and Jamplay have improved recently. Let us talk about JustinGuitar first in which it had an overhaul last July 2018. The format has changed and now has a cleaner look, allowing the users to navigate much easier than before.

JustinGuitar offers the lessons through the YouTube platform so that beginners will find the video player familiar and straightforward. The biggest giveaway that you are enjoying free lessons is how the videos are filmed. You should not expect crystal clear audio, different camera angles, and a pristine studio. You will see Justin sitting and playing his guitar while teaching you how to play the track he is playing.

JustinGuitar is named so because it was created by Justin Sandercoe, an Australian guitarist who is also the instructor in all the lessons. Although JustinGuitar does not have as many instructors as Jamplay, Justin the guitarist is quite popular. He is one of the most influential guitar teachers in history according to a famous British newspaper.

As for the beginner lessons, you will find a Beginner’s Course, which you can access from the left sidebar of the site. It features nine stages with over 100 videos. You begin with the anatomy of the guitar, tuning the instrument, and eventually how to play the chords.

One of the best features of the site is that it offers different learning styles. You can choose from technique or full song lessons. They may not be as extensive as the other paid sites, but you can still find many lessons for rock, acoustic, and jazz playing among others. You can also learn specific songs, which you can search on the site. Featured bands and artists include AC/DC, Nirvana, The Who, and Foo Fighters.

JustinGuitar offers tools and apps, including Time Trainer Metronome, Blues Lick, and more. There is a forum as well where you can interact with the other users.

On the other hand, Jamplay, which has been around since 2006, has impressive numbers of guitar lessons and instructors. Beginners have their section so you can learn slowly. The lesson page contains the song or the technique you want to grasp.

The video player is at the center of the screen and has a Scene Selection that lets you choose the part of the song you want to master. You can also speed up or slow down the video, navigate through it, or collapse the sidebars. You can loop it as well and best of all, the quality is superb. The videos are recorded in a studio, giving you a true professional type of learning.

The beginner lessons are easy to follow, and you can choose whether you want to learn electric or acoustic guitar. You have plenty of instructors to choose from, which can be daunting but there are course descriptions that will help you decide which among them is the most appealing. There are also lessons designed for kids.

Jamplay also has a variety of styles available where you can choose the specific genre you want to explore. Select from blues, finger-style, country, pop, jazz, and so many others. Also, if you wish to learn bass guitar, there are bass lessons from a handful of pros, including award-winning bassist Freebo. You will need to pay a separate subscription fee to access the bass lessons.

You will also get live courses to get in-depth instruction from the professors. They will share lessons with you straight from a webcam in a studio for more than two weeks. The lessons focus on an individual style or technique that you want to learn, along with homework and tablature.

Jamplay vs JustinGuitar: Which is Superior?

JustinGuitar offers free lessons, which attracts several beginners. You will also get tons of other features right from the site. Meanwhile, Jamplay requires membership, which should be paid monthly or yearly. However, this fee is quite affordable compared to lessons in person. The quality of content is also better with over 5,500 songs and 89 instructors. A free trial is also available for testing the video lessons and the whole website.