Jamplay vs Jamorama

Signing up for the best online guitar lesson website saves you times, and it gives you value for your money. Both Jamplay and Jamorama provide you with access to a guitar community where you can learn to play the guitars from expert teachers. With free trials and discount prices, you can give each site a try before choosing which one to settle with. This review analyzes these two guitar lesson sites to provide you with the information you can use to select the website to sign up to.

Guitar Community Online

Learning how to play in a community environment is encouraging and motivating. Jamplay offers live lessons as well as a thriving online guitar learning community. When you sign up for Jamplay, you get to interact with other learning communities Jamorama, on the other hand, does not have an online community that can compete with Jamplay. They are not big on socializing as Jamplay is. With Jamplay, you get to unlock your fretboard elegantly and master the technique of finding scales, chords, and notes. Once you memorize chords and notes, you are on your way to covering all the bases of playing the guitar.

Content Size and Updates

Both Jamplay and Jamorama are membership websites. After the free trial is over, you can upgrade to a paid program and get guitar learning lessons. You can make monthly, quarterly, or yearly payments. You gain access to online video lessons an many other features. Jamplay offers an impressive amount of material that allows you to learn all the bases of playing the guitar. The many hours of live videos give you a resource to learn and polish your skills. There is a beginner section for amateur guitar learners. Jamplay has many instructors who are experts in the field.

Jamorama offers ten courses that will not take you more than a few months to go through. Compared to the extensive database provided by, resources provided by Jamorama is pretty limited. Jamplay has constant live video updates and weekly live lessons that get archived in case you want to do a reference. Jamorama, on the other hand, does not update its online database as often. The membership structured Jamplay offers you is more comprehensive than the one you get when you sign up for Jamorama. Jamplay gives you value for your money. The advantage you get with Jamorama however, is their affordable rates.


Jamplay offers you a straightforward program that has a consistently growing lesson database. You get access to online guitar lessons that cover all the bases comprehensively. Every month, there is eleven hours of new videos as well as the inclusion of real songs from real bands. The videos are shot in HD so that you can see fretpoints. The high-quality videos are easy on the eye, making the learning process smooth. You can quickly move from beginner levels to advanced levels in no time. As an expert player, you also benefit from signing up to Jamplay. There are song and genre lessons that help you polish your skills. Once you complete the initial training, you are guaranteed to have grasped the techniques involved in playing the guitar. You now focus on learning how to play your favorite genre of music.


The tutorials available for Jamorama are different from the ones you get with Jamplay. The structure of the website is different from that of Jamplay. The site offers training lessons for beginners and intermediate guitar players. One teacher provides the ten courses as opposed to Jamplay where there are several teachers to choose from. The main focus in Jamorama is to integrate speed into your guitar playing. There are bonus pieces of software that boost your learning process. You get to train your ears to recognize notes, chords, and scales. The affordable pricing makes signing up to Jamorama a budget-friendly choice. The music reading game helps you learn how to play new songs. Jamorama gives you access to tuning software as well as a metronome that helps in boosting your playing speed. Jamorama offers a valuable course for anyone looking to increase their playing speed.

Why You Should Sign Up for Online Learning Guitar Lessons

As a singer or a vocalist, online guitar learning websites offers you the best tutorials t help you expand your knowledge of music. Learning how to play an instruments helps professional musicians with songwriting as well as singing. Knowing music theory makes you a versatile musician by bettering your songwriting skills. Sign up for guitar lessons even when you are not a professional singer. Sign up for a membership website today and get access to video instructions, full song demos, and accurate tabs. Learning how to play the guitar is an exciting adventure you should consider experiencing.

Best membership Website to Sign Up To

In a contest between Jamplay vs Jamorama, it is clear that Jamplay offers more for an online guitar learning site. You get access to many live videos that are updated continuously. Even though Jamorama is an affordable choice, Jamplay is more extensive and comprehensive. Jamplay also offers to write us that help you the theory of guitar playing and music in general. If you are looking for a guitar learning community to learn with, sign up for Jamplay. The many teachers offer different perspectives of guitar playing that helps you become an all-around player. All in all, because both websites have free trials, you can sign up for both of them to experience the tutorials in person.


Express your inner musician with ease and grace using a well-structured system by signing up to Jamplay. Jamplay is packed with information and live videos that are resourceful and comprehensive. By following live sessions and guitar practice routines, you are can graduate from being a beginner to an advanced guitar player in no time. Jamplay offers an environment that lets you learn to master and learn how to play the guitar quickly. Social learning provided by Jamorama is limited, and the small focus it gives does not compete with Jamplay’s big community.