Jamplay vs Guitar Tricks 2019

Guitar Tricks were introduced in the year 1998 and is the oldest of the two. It has existed for quite a long time compared to JamPlay that was introduced in 2006. Both are online services that educate learners on how to play the guitar perfectly. There have existed arguments on which of the two is the best in service delivery and the most appropriate to use. The following is a review on JamPlay vs Guitar tricks as an in-depth discussion is given to determine which is superior to the other.

Jamplay vs Guitar Tricks

1. Features

JamPlay has a very active website that updates its lessons for 11hrs after every 30 days. This ensures there is always a new lesson awaiting you every time you finish with your current one. The quality of the videos they stream is very high. This is to maintain clarity for those who are taking the lessons. In addition to that, the videos are in 3D and also in High Definition (HD). With all these in place, the visual quality of all videos is destined to be very clear, and you will not strain your vision.

The interaction tabs on the JamPlay audio playback give you the ability to toggle between the various features in their audio software. It works on mobile devices and tablets too so you should not get worried when you do not have your computer around yet you need to take lessons. You can slow down the playback sounds without necessarily losing the pitch. This helps to maintain clarity.

Additionally, you can make printouts of the pages that you need.

Coupled with the highly responsive systems, JamPlay allows you to always look back on the progress you made as it is tracked and saved for you. The progress you have made from the time you began can be assessed here. Their videos are designed to fit in perfectly well in any device, and you are advised to have no worries about the machine you are using.

On the other hand, Guitar Tricks frequently update their lessons and makes sure that the learners who always visit the site do not miss their lessons. They produce high-quality images for their videos since they are in High Definition and 3D. Being that they have existed for a longer time in the market, they have pretty stable audio playback systems that produce good sounds and are easier to use by the learner.
The systems are designed in a manner that they can perfectly work in any devices one uses to take lessons. This acts as an advantage since a majority have the ready access to phones and tablets to get into the website for the lessons. Moreover, you can keep a record of your progress and learn about the steps you have made because you can save the lessons you have taken. The site is also user-friendly as anybody can access and use it with much ease.

2. Pricing

JamPlay offers a free 7-day membership trial. Here, you can take lessons for free within the first seven days, after which you will have to pay for the subscription. They have a breakdown on the subscription duration in monthly, quarterly (after every three months) and yearly. The rates for the monthly payment stand at $19.25. For the quarterly payment, you will pay $49.95, and finally, for the annual bouquet, the price is set at $159.95. There exist offers during the holiday periods and summer where the yearly subscription falls to $50 to $109.95. When you take the yearly subscription, you will save much money as compared to when you go for the monthly or quarterly subscription.

Guitar Tricks offers a 14-day free trial for new members. After that, they offer packages on a monthly and yearly basis which you are to choose the one that best suits you. Their monthly subscription plan ranges at $19.99. Compared to JamPlay, this rate is slightly higher. On their yearly subscription fee, the payment is at $179.99. Having a yearly subscription saves a significant amount of money. Guitar Tricks in this instance does not offer the quarterly subscription that runs every three months and then expires.

3. Lessons offered

JamPlay offers guitar lessons to all who have subscribed to it. Some online teachers help the learners through with the processes they have started. These lessons are conducted through online tutorial videos. They cater for the beginners, those who are still learning an even those who already have a wide scope in playing the guitar. When you decide to take part with them, you will have the option of choosing the level you want to begin your online training. They will offer you quality services, and after you are done with the whole process, you shall have learnt how to use a guitar perfectly.

Guitar Tricks also provide guitar lessons to their subscribers. This starts from the moment you make the free trial submission. After that, if you go ahead and take the payment clause and make your payment, you will get through with the remainder of the procedure. Through their video tutorials, you will be able to learn how to play the guitar from the basics until the moment you finally become a guru. There are sections for beginners. These are the leaners who are trying out to play the guitar for the first time. Additionally, there are also segments for those who are in the process of learning and those learners who already have good skills in playing the guitar. These lessons require much attention to pull through.

4. Delivery format

JamPlay delivers their lessons in the form of tutorial videos. The videos exist in 3 dimension giving the learner the ability to have a perfect view of all the teachings. The levels that exist range from the advanced, acoustic and finally the electric level. In these videos, the tutors provide the teachings from the basics as they rise through the levels. This mostly happens depending on the level the learner is currently on at that moment. For the beginners, there are segments where they learn how to hold the guitar in the correct format because this is where the whole process begins. They will learn all the parts of the guitar so that when references are made with the specific names, there will be no confusion in the whole process. Moreover, you can save the videos and refer to them later on when you need to learn again. There is a segment where you can pose questions on areas you do not understand, and there will be responses for your questions.

The Guitar Tricks use the same form of video delivery format. When you have already been put into your appropriate category depending on your level of experience in playing the guitar, you will begin the learning process. Learners are taken through different phases of gaining the much-needed experience from the learning processes they will go through. Being the older system, Guitar Tricks has evolved into ensuring their learning processes are all user-friendly and that the learners are in a position to get the best. The video tutorials are of high quality and are viewed in High Definition. This brings clear pictures and also shows them in 3D.


After weighing the options and having considered reviews between JamPlay vs Guitar Tricks, there is a slight difference in the services these two online platforms offer. JamPlay provides an additional quarterly subscription for its users. This is additional to the monthly and yearly subscriptions they offer. Their prices are also relatively lower as compared to the Guitar Tricks. This is evident in the yearly subscription prices. Additionally, JamPlay also has offers that exist offer the holiday periods. During this period, their annual subscriptions drop by $50 giving the users a chance to subscribe at a lower fee.

In addition to that, JamPlay has a direct and precise delivery format which includes the advanced options, acoustic and the electric level. When the phases are well spelt out, it would be very easy to understand the level you are in and the progress you have made from the moment you started. This also motivates as you continue to learn.

JamPlay has in this case been given a higher rating. Their services have proven to be more user-oriented as they give their learners an easier way of getting to understand how to use a guitar. On the other hand, Guitar Tricks has also been a stable learning system as it has existed for a long time. However, JamPlay has had its features outweigh it a little. Its prices are relatively higher, and they do not give offers for subscriptions.


The comparison between JamPlay vs Guitar Tricks has brought out a clear picture of how these two online tutorial sites have made it incredibly easier to learn how to play the guitar. From the range of their prices for subscription and the services they offer, their affordability and reliability have been proven respectively. In an instance where you develop the need to learn how to play the guitar, do not hesitate to pick the best choice.