Guitar Tricks vs Truefire

It seems like the Internet has more uses each and every day. An interesting online development over the years is the Internet as a teaching platform. Numerous courses, career upgrades, and programs are available online. Now, sites like Guitar Tricks and TrueFire offer people a membership to learn how to play guitar online with high-quality instruction, video and audio quality. Now, there is no excuse not to learn how to play the guitar as lessons are affordable, accessible, and can work around anyone’s schedule. While there are numerous online guitar lesson sites to choose from, we will look at two of oldest and biggest and compare: Guitar Tricks and TrueFire

Guitar Tricks and TrueFire

Not only are Guitar Tricks and TrueFire two of the oldest sites offering online guitar lessons, they are also two of the most content-packed. TrueFire was born in 1991, and since then, its library has grown to include over 33,000 lessons. Guitar Tricks was established in 1998 and currently has over 11,000 lessons to offer their members.

Obviously, both of these sites are extremely popular and are still growing. Let’s continue on in our comparison to see which one emerges ahead of the other.

Guitar Tricks vs. TrueFire: Website and Usability

Guitar Tricks boasts a website with a clean and clear design.
TrueFire is also uncluttered and very user-friendly. If one eeks ahead of the other here, it would be Guitar Tricks with their slightly more modern format and look.

Lesson Pages Comparison

When it comes to learning, the lesson pages are, of course, one of the most important parts of the sites. Both sites have their lesson pages follow a similar tact; the lesson video is high quality with slow-motion playback options and looping capabilities. There are supporting course materials like ‘Progression’ tracking and tablature on sidebars. Guitar Tricks sneaks ahead here as the looping capabilities are not full proof with TrueFire as the video player sometimes alters with older videos.

Both the Guitar Tricks and TrueFire platforms have high-definition videos, and both use multiple-angle shooting to make the lessons as clear as possible. Again, as TrueFire is the older site, some of the videos are quite old and were filmed in a lower quality.

So in terms of website function and usability, Guitar Tricks moves ahead of TrueFire as the slightly more modern approach and consistent high-definition video quality wins out.

Lessons Offered

Guitar Tricks has what they call a ‘Core Learning System’, and this structure is very sensible and effective, while still allowing its members to progress as they please. Most members start with ‘Fundamentals 1′ and proceed through the levels as they progress from beginner, intermediate, and advanced, focusing on the three main music types: Rock, Country, and Blues.

TrueFire has a similar set up as Guitar Tricks, but with their huge content library of over 33,000 lessons, players of all levels will always be able to find a new lesson to challenge and enjoy.

So in terms of lesson plans, TrueFire pulls ahead in terms of content, but ultimately, Guitar Tricks’ progression system and overall learning system is known as the best, the most effective, and the most enjoyable around.

Instructors Comparison

Guitar Tricks and TrueFire are pretty evenly matched when it comes to comparing their instructors. Guitar Tricks has over 33 experienced, knowledgeable, and friendly instructors for members to choose from. The instructors cover pretty much every genre and musical style there is. The ‘Artist Series’ is popular as members have the chance to learn to play their favorite songs by the actual artists. Faith Evans, Pink, and Anders Mouridsen are some of Guitar Trick’s most notable instructors.

TrueFire, however, has more than 140 instructors for their members to choose from. Some say it is too many to choose from, but the choice includes real artists like Steve Vai and Tommy Emmanuel. The TrueFire instructors are well versed in playing and teaching.

Due to choice, TrueFire wins the instructor comparison, but by numbers alone. Both sites offer an amazing array of talented and friendly musicians to choose to learn from.

Song List Comparison

Guitar Tricks really shines in this section as they offer more than 700 song lessons to choose from. The most notable songs from ever musical genre are covered including The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Blink 182, Eric Clapton, Sting, and many, many more.

While TrueFire does offer a variety of riffs and tunes to learn throughout their lessons, they do not offer their members endless song list choices like Guitar Tricks.

For those more interested in building up their body of songs to play, Guitar Tricks is definitely the right choice as you have over 700 song lessons to choose from. The motivation for many to learn guitar is to be able to learn to play their favorite songs, and Guitar Tricks not only offers the selection, but also unique opportunities to learn the songs from the original artists.

Final Verdict: Guitar Tricks or TrueFire?

While the comparison was a close one, Guitar Tricks is the clear winner. While TrueFire is older and has amassed a larger body of lessons, some of the older lessons do not have the same high-definition video and audio quality of the newer lessons. As Guitar Tricks is the newer of the two, every single video shot is produced and filmed in their studios with professional high-definition quality. The impressive song list that Guitar Tricks offers is also what draws many of its members to join. While TrueFire does win out in the instructor-choice section, it’s good to keep in mind that quantity does not always outweigh the benefits of quality.

The final verdict for the Guitar Tricks vs TrueFire head-to-head comparison is Guitar Tricks with a 5/5 rating. While TrueFire is close behind, its victories over Guitar Tricks are more due to their age and amassed content, something that Guitar Tricks more than makes up for with its super simple and modern user-friendly design, format, instructors, and stellar song list choices.