Guitar Tricks Vs. JustinGuitar Review

When it comes to the Internet, there are very few things you can’t use it for if you’re that way inclined. One interesting way the Internet has evolved over the years is from an information source to a teaching platform. What started as individuals filming shaky YouTube teaching videos from their living rooms has morphed into high-quality teaching sites, such as companies that teach how to play guitar online. In addition to the pure enjoyment factor, there are numerous health and wellness benefits associated with learning how to play an instrument. When it comes to deciding which online guitar lesson site to use, a review of two of the most popular ones, Guitar Tricks vs JustinGuitar, is a great place to start.

Why Even Pay for Online Guitar Lessons?

Of course, there are free options when it comes to online guitar lessons. Sites like YouTube offer a wide variety, and there are people who choose to go that route. Do those people progress and reach their playing goals: likely some do, but most don’t. Those kinds of lessons don’t offer structure, and reputable online guitar lesson sites actually put a lot of time and thought into designing an effective learning system that players of all levels can benefit from. If you want to learn the bare minimum, you can likely find some online lessons for free that are good enough; if you want to really learn how to play guitar or want to progress, using a reputable site like Guitar Tricks or Justin Guitar is the way to go.

Guitar Tricks

Guitar Tricks offers lessons designed for beginners, intermediate, and advanced players. The lessons are designed around a core learning system that is aimed at members progressing to their desired playing levels. They focus on the main musical styles of Rock, Country, and Blues. Guitar Tricks also offers a free 14-day trial period, so this is ideal for deciding whether or not the lessons are for you.

Lesson Options

Guitar Tricks lesson options are numerous and can teach most every kind of guitar-playing skill: Styles, Practice, Techniques, Artist Studies, Gear & Tone. These different lessons provide players of all levels with a variety of choices. From learning to play every type of musical style from funk to folk, rock to country, reggae to world, members can learn the skills to play in the styles of music they enjoy the most. The Artist Studies is extremely popular as members can learn to play in the style of their favorite musicians, and in some cases, can even learn to play their favorite artists’ songs by the artists themselves.

Modern and User-Friendly Format

Guitar Tricks is one of the newer sites, so while it does not have the huge archival libraries built up that some of the older sites have, what they are known for is the best video and audio quality as their lessons are mastered in high definition and produced and recorded in their own studios. Every lesson is recorded from numerous angles so members can really get a good idea of the correct finger positions and placement along the fret. The Progress Report feature is also a great way for members to track where they started, where they are, and where they want their playing skills to end up. The Guitar Tricks app is also very handy to take on the road so lessons can be kept up and accessed from anywhere at any time.

Justin Guitar

Justin Guitar takes a different approach to its online guitar lessons as it is more of a one-man show than a large-scale company like Guitar Tricks. Justin Guitar is free to join, which is appealing to many, but if there is a certain level players want to progress to with Justin Guitar, they will be reaching for their credit card at one time or another.

Lesson Options

Justin Guitar has a lot of free lessons to offer, and for those with some self-discipline, Justin really is a good teacher with a lot of experience playing and teaching. Justin Guitar offers numerous Song and Style lessons like Guitar Tricks. If you really want to progress though, you will likely be tempted to order the DVDs and books from Justin Guitar, and for the same amount or less, you could have joined Guitar Tricks and gotten access to all their lessons: song lessons, artist series, bass lessons, and wide variety of instructors to choose from that are easily selected from their online bios, pictures, and intros.

While Justin Guitar offers a lot of free lessons, they are funneling you towards ordering their instructional books or DVDs. Guitar Tricks and all their features like Progress Reports, superior instructors, every song and musical style lesson, free apps, and core learning system are all available to members for low monthly or yearly rates. And don’t forget you can try out Guitar Tricks for free for two weeks.

Guitar Tricks vs JustinGuitar

When it comes to comparing Guitar Tricks vs JustinGuitar, you really do get what you pay for. Guitar Tricks is new, modern, and has countless features available to members for extremely reasonable rates. Guitar Tricks has designed a core learning system that guides beginners, intermediate players, and advanced players to progress their skills. If it is a 100-percent free guitar lesson source you are looking for, Justin Guitar does have a lot to offer. It’s just that once you go through his free lessons, you won’t be able to progress without shelling out some money for an instructional DVD or book to learn from. Justin Guitar’s video quality is quite decent, especially considering they are free; Guitar Tricks, however, offers vastly superior video and audio quality shot and recorded in their own studios.

For those trying to decide between whether they need to pay for a membership or can learn what they want for free, try out Justin Guitar to see exactly how far you can go. Then take advantage of Guitar Tricks and their 14-day trial period. Most likely, you will see that you can progress a lot more with Guitar Tricks through their core learning system and numerous modern features; for this reason, Guitar Tricks wins out with a 5/5 rating.