Guitar Tricks vs Jamorama

Back in the day, around 20 years ago, learning to play the guitar was done face-to-face with an instructor, via a book or from a VHS tape. These remain very effective techniques (just substitute VHS with DVD); however, learning to play guitar by way of an online course is now viewed as being among the best methods of learning. Below, we will take a look at Guitar Tricks vs Jamorama to see how they match up against each other.

Guitar Tricks

There are more than 2.8 million individuals who have and are presently learning to play the guitar on Guitar Tricks; this makes it the biggest platform on the Internet. They offer Advanced, Intermediate and Beginner lessons; therefore, there is the opportunity for advancement in your playing. Additionally, besides playing, there are useful tutorials on essential aspects like guitar maintenance, which is frequently overlooked.


Jamorama is a fairly new learning platform for guitar lessons, especially in comparison to other guitar lesson sites. However, they have established a slick website and a decent beginner’s course with a concentration on the community side of guitar lessons.

Lesson Quality

Jamorama has a single teacher who does their guitar lessons, while Guitar Tricks has several. This enables more material and more lesson variations on the part of Guitar Tricks. The main instructor on Jamorama is remarkable; however, he is in competition with a long list of amazing guitar instructors from all across the globe.

The set up of Guitar Tricks makes it possible for you to benefit from the teaching of all these instructors for a minimal monthly fee. Where video quality is concerned, it is pretty even as both platforms provide high definition video lessons. Overall, Guitar Tricks rules this category because it a much wider variety of lessons. You will be able to learn specific genres of guitar and songs.


The platform of Guitar Tricks is enormous. There is no other guitar resource that can even compare with its size. There are thousands of hours of virtual video lessons that can be accessed. Additionally, they have an ever increasing list of hundreds of song lessons that you can learn. Comparatively, Jamorama has less than ten. There are 10 beginner and advanced courses offered by Jamorama. Guitar Tricks has over 10 courses intended for particular genres alone, like Rock and Country. Furthermore, Guitar Tricks is consistently updated with new lessons.

Clearly, Jamorama cannot compete with the scope of Guitar Tricks. In this case, size matters because people have different preferences. The beginner section of Guitar Tricks is massive and well mapped out. The platform has a step-by-step system that is perfect for beginners. Their lessons are genre specific and also exceptional for non-beginners. So their enormous quantity of content will truly satisfy the needs of just about any type of guitar player.

Pricing and Free Trials

Jamorama totally wins in the price category because it is cheaper. The membership fee for Jamorama is $9.95 per month, while the standard monthly fee for Guitar Tricks is $19.95. You are able to save a lot if you purchase a whole year upfront from Guitar Tricks but it is obviously more costly.

However, the difference in price is not shocking. Guitar Tricks is obviously a better course and is definitely worth the extra money. If you need to be convinced, all you need to do is take advantage of the free trial and the difference will be clear. Both Guitar Tricks and Jamorama have free trials, so you can try them out and you will see that Guitar Tricks is better.

Which is the Better Site?

Guitar Trick is, by far, the better website on which to learn guitar. While Jamorama has been making improvements in the guitar learning arena, Guitar Tricks totally beats out Jamorama. Guitar Tricks offers a class that is been specifically designed for beginners. This class has step by step instructions to ensure that the learning process is slow, enjoyable and effective. With Guitar Tricks, every lesson is built on top of the prior lesson; this means that this website has a whole lot of information with which to provide beginners.

Guitar Tricks offer video lessons that are sweet, short and to the point. The section for beginners on the Guitar Tricks website is much easier to follow in comparison to Jamorama. This is because the beginners’ section of Guitar Tricks has had a lot of time, making it very simple to follow through step-by-step instructions. This makes the whole website a lot more appealing.

If you are just starting out as a guitar player, it is highly recommended that you get started with Guitar Tricks. However, the two websites are designed for individuals of all advancement levels, not only beginners. They both have great sections for beginners but Guitar Tricks gives users a straight and narrow education track to keep playing on. Jamorama offers a lot less and simply cannot compete at the same level as Guitar Tricks.


Learning to play electric or acoustic guitar through Guitar Tricks or Jamorama is a real option in comparison to learning with private guitar teacher. Both options are a lot more affordable than doing lessons with a private instructor.

Both sites offer a vast array of benefits that even a private instructor cannot offer you. Guitar Tricks and Jamorama offer quality online guitar lessons. If you are not happy with the product, Guitar Tricks offers a 60-day money back guarantee. If you are not 100 percent content with the purchase, you may contact Jamorama within 120 days from the date of purchase and they will give you a full refund of the purchase.

Even with all of this, it will probably still be a bit difficult to make a decision to select between Guitar Tricks and Jamorama. Guitar Tricks have a number of advantages over Jamorama and where the programs are concerned, they both have pros and cons. However, Guitar Tricks is the clear winner; I give them a 5-star rating. You should sign up with them at