Yamaha FG830 Guitar Review

The Yamaha brand is a grand name in music instrument production, and its FG series had once been the acoustic guitars that were sold more than other brands around the world. The Yamaha FG830 is a very good quality model in this popular series, and it is a new addition to the very old acoustic guitar line.

This Japanese brand has continued to enhance their acoustic guitar manufacturing processes to always stay ahead in quality production, and more improvements are noticed in the FG830 among many other acoustic guitars in the FG collection.

We will do a detailed review of this acoustic guitar model to reveal the interesting features which is comes with;


This acoustic guitar is made up of Rosewood for its back and sides, and a solid Sitka Spruce material for its top. There is also a bridge made of Rosewood, and die-cast tuners on the instrument. The Rosewood fingerboard is a smooth and attractive wood; and the finishing materials are glossy, simple and they come in various colours.


FG830 is a standard Dreadnought type of acoustic guitar, and this design is a popular style among acoustic guitars. It has a very special pattern of bracing design which the company uses software to determine with respect to their material selection. The structure has good durability and can serve the owner for a good number of years.

The instrument is designed to have the neck joined to the body at the 14th fret out of a total of 20 frets. It is light and comfortable to handle, and the strings support are properly positioned by its saddle that adds to its easier handling.


This acoustic guitar produces rich overtones and impressive sound projections. It makes very good tones and their core sonic presentation are pure; the great sound quality of this instrument always hits the users as a surprise because of the very affordable price at which this musical equipment is sold for in the market.

Yamaha sound analysis technology predicts that buyers should anticipate all ranges of sound projections on this guitar. All there is to enjoy from the FG830 does not end with its appearance, but its sound is smooth and it strums balanced tones and strong bass.


This review aspect wants to ensure that guitarists know how convenient and easy it is for the instrument to be played. Firstly, it is best to identify that the spaces between the neck and guitar strings are adequate for good strumming or any playing style. It allows for best picks on any string to produce bright tones.

This acoustic guitar is the perfect type of instrument for a live session or music recording, and this should tell how relevant and playable this instrument comes. The FG830 is actually compatible for any level of guitarist whether they are beginning, intermediates or professionals.

There are also some details to look into properly, and these include that the dreadnought body design may be too big for most users and it does not have any cutaway. Also, the instrument may require hardware tuning by a professional when you have played it for some time.

Well, the Yamaha legacy needs this exquisite model that lifts its normal entry-level quality a notch higher than the existing acoustic guitars. It is low priced but appears more expensive with its amazing body designs.

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